America is a very intelligent girl who is first seen as a recurring character in Season 3, but has been a Regular since Season 4.



4-present; Recurring: 3


Anne, Holly K, Raphael, Jay

First Appearance

"Old Friends and New Friends"



Season 3 Edit

  • Comes to JCS as "the new girl" who's geeky.
  • Doesn't care about the people who judge her.

Season 4 Edit

  • America returns to JCS for the start of 4th grade.
  • Tries to tell Jamie that she's too young for lingerie.
  • Tattles on Jamie, and gets her in trouble.
  • Doesn't want to work on a project with Anne.
  • Winds up becoming friends with Anne after the project.
  • Joins student council in time for Homeless Children in Africa.
  • Overworks, and doesn't sleep, to help the fundraiser.
  • Falls asleep and misses the opportunity to show her creativity.
  • Wakes up all upset and pissed off.

Season 5 Edit

  • America begins 5th grade.
  • Decides to room with Anne and Holly K.
  • Doesn't like Holly K, but has to deal with it for Anne's sake.
  • Witnesses Anne and Jay cheating on a test, encourages them to give in.
  • Tells Anne that she did a good thing, for telling the truth.
  • Gets bullied by Andrew and James for being "smart".
  • Goes to the principal on them, and gets them to back off.
  • Graduates 5th grade, upset to leave JCS.

Season 6 Edit

  • Goes to FMG for 6th grade, and decides to room with Anne and Holly K, again.
  • Is tired of Holly K's crap, and when she asks her to fetch her water, she loses it.
  • Holly K and America get into a cat-fight in the middle of the night.
  • Ends up making up with Holly K and they become "friendly".
  • Is too scared to move when she hears of the bomb, but gets out safely.
  • Returns to JCS again, in spite what just happened to FMG she's happy.
  • Hosts the talent show with Mike, to learn he isn't prepared.
  • Does Mike's "chores" to help him prepare for the Talent Show.
  • Gets nominated for Most Studious Student.
  • Having to make a speech is easy for her, but when she slacks off, she realizes she has made mistakes.
  • Decides to revise her whole speech from top to bottom. Then decides it's perfect.
  • Reads her speech to the school, in an enthusiastic tone.
  • Misses class due to the stomach flu.
  • Gets make up work that she missed, but feels it isn't enough.
  • Wants to make up the test at her dorm, but it's considered cheating.
  • Decides to make up the test another day.

Season 7 Edit

  • America's back and better than ever, so she thinks.
  • Applies for the job of Student Council president.
  • Feeling that she's the most honorable student, the council promotes her to the job.
  • She becomes too overwhelmed with work that she has to slow it down.
  • Gets asked out by Raphael.
  • Feels she needs to think about it.
  • Decides she's not ready to date.
  • Doesn't think that Jay is cheating on Anne.
  • Gets in a fight with Anne over project ideas.
  • Decides to blow her off, and do the project her way.
  • Overtime they apologize, and they fix up the project.
  • Is happy that Anne and Jay are back together.
  • Notices a drunk Anne; is a bit suspicious.
  • Decides to help the school's tight budget.
  • Suggests new and good ideas to help it improve.
  • Throws a fundraiser for the budget, and decides to have an assembly
  • At the assembly she is booed off the stage due to boringness.
  • Runs off crying, thinking she ruined the school's budget chances.
  • Realizes she did her best, and decides to move on.

Season 8 Edit

  • America returns to JCS for 8th grade.
  • Gets caught doing crossword puzzles by Anne.
  • Decides to be "cool", but feels Anne doesn't accept her for her.
  • Realizes she's better off doing her crossword puzzles.
  • Starts to hang with Anne and Jay and their "cool friends".
  • Tries to hard to fit in, by wearing revealing clothes.
  • Anne and Jay suggest that she's not suited for this; she agrees.
  • Doesn't understand why Anne keeps giving Jay chances.
  • Helps Anne along with Holly K.
  • Gets asked out by Carmine, because he's desperate.
  • Rejects Carmine. Politely stated he's a 7th grader and she's an 8th grader.
  • When Anne is questioning abortion, she rejects.
  • Decides to make people the aware of the dangers in abortion.
  • Realizes Anne might get an abortion and is left unhappy.
  • Is happy that Anne decides not to abort.
  • Stays by Anne's side when she is giving birth to her baby. Along with Holly K.

Season 9Edit

  • America is back for 9th grade at JCS.
  • She realizes that Anne isn't having so much fun coming back to school.
  • Along with Holly K, she helps Anne with her problems.