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Rachel, Gabby, Mia

First Appearance

"First Day Of FMJay! Part 2"

Last Appearance

"The Bomb"



Hailey is new, well to Gabby and others. She came from TMS, to FMG, but when it burned down; her family felt it was best to leave the town and move.

Season 6 (6th Grade) Edit

  • Goes to FMG after attending TMS for 5 years.
  • Is nervous to start a new year at a new school, with new people from JCS.
  • Tries to be friendly with Gabby, and Mia.
  • Learns that Gabby and Mia don't want to be her friend that much.
  • Starts to cut herself; gets founded by Nick and Jess.
  • Gets told on to the guidance counsellor; has to go for daily sessions.
  • Leaves the school safely after the bomb.

Season 7 (7th Grade)Edit

  • Was stated that she went to a boarding school in Winnipeg, Canada due to the bomb threat; and her parents wanting her safe.