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Anne, America, Jay

First Appearance

"Valentine's Mine"



Holly K is the school's bitch. She has always been mean and never really nice. But, over the years attitudes change. The K in her first name stands for Kathleen, her real first name is Holly Kathleen, but Holly K for short.

Season 1 Edit

  • Nabs Gabby's chances of going to the dance with Raphael.
  • Doesn't even talk to Raphael at the dance.
  • Witnesses her best friend, Anne break her arm.
  • Is upset when Anne transfers schools.
  • Moves in with Gabby, Mia, Mick, and Jamie despite their wishes.
  • Leaves for summer vacation upset.

Season 2 Edit

  • Returns to school on Halloween, not knowing Gabby, Mia, and Jamie are hiding from her.
  • Becomes friends with Rachel, and moves in with her.
  • Has a crush on Jay, and bothers him to wits end.
  • Claims she wants to "marry" Jay; until he tells her that he hates her and doesn't like her whatsoever.
  • Fights with Rachel.
  • Leaves for summer vacation upset and pissed off; again.

Season 3 Edit

  • Returns to JCS and tries to settle in; can't.
  • Misses Anne too much, when she doesn't know where to room.
  • Her wishes come true when Anne comes back to JCS.
  • Moves back in with Anne and catchs up with her; blows Rachel off.
  • Goes on the field trip, to the museum, and sits next to Anne on the bus.
  • Goes to Gabby's dorm party, and doesn't have fun.
  • Leaves JCS for summer; and plans activities with Anne.

Season 4 Edit

  • Returns to JCS for 4th grade.
  • Doesn't think the Haunted House is scary.
  • Gets into a fight with Mia at lunch, over spilled milk.
  • Doesn't like Anne and Marcus as a couple.
  • Tells Raphael she doesn't like him; breaks his heart.
  • Doesn't care that Raphael has a broken heart.
  • Sorta forgives him, but doesn't.
  • Gives Rachel a dirty look in the hallway, telling her she hates her.
  • Leaves for summer vacation, again.

Season 5 Edit

  • Goes back to JCS, for 5th grade.
  • Doesn't like it when she learns that America is now rooming with her and Anne.
  • Tries to get Anne to make America leave, but it doesn't work out.
  • Catchs Anne and Jay cheating on a math test; rats them out.
  • Tries to do a math project with Rachel against her wishes.
  • Doesn't like that Anne and Jay are dating.
  • Is upset that 5th grade graduation is approaching and that means that she has to leave JCS.
  • Leaves JCS for summer, and is upset about it being her last year there.

Season 6 Edit

  • Settles in with Anne, and America at FMG their new school.
  • Starts being nasty to America; again.
  • Gets yelled at by Anne for being mean to America.
  • Leaves FMG safely before it exploded with a bomb.
  • Was heartbroken by the bomb threat.
  • Learned they were all going back to JCS and was happy again; somewhat.
  • Joins a CPR class.
  • Has to team up with Jacob, gives him mouth to mouth, and likes it.
  • Gets advice on liking Jacob from Anne.
  • Asks Jacob out; he says yes.
  • Starts to makeout with Jacob, but feels it's too rushed.
  • Continues to date Jacob, but slows it down with the kissing.
  • Takes indigestion pills for indigestion, gets addicted to them.
  • Loses her addiction when her relationship is at stake.
  • Finds Marcus and Jay drinking beer.
  • Leaves for summer vacation; again.

Season 7 Edit

  • Comes back to JCS for 7th grade; hoping that the year will be drama free.
  • Hosts a 9/11 Memorial Assembly with other classmates.
  • Gets emotional at the assembly and goes to her room and sulk.
  • Witnesses Jay making out with Rachel.
  • Tells Anne about Jay; she doesn't believe her.
  • Doesn't know that Jacob has a crush on Jacob.
  • Learns that Jacob has a little crush on Rachel; breaks up with him for wandering eyes; gets back together.
  • Shares personal secrets with Raphael.
  • Tells everyone the embarrassing secrets; gets her payback.
  • Learns Raphael has a crush on her.
  • Thinks Raphael is creepy when he goes to far to impress her; and she has a boyfriend already.
  • Learns about Jacob's old bad-boy past.
  • Thinks that Jacob may do something to her; breaks up with him again.
  • Persuades Anne and Jay to have sex to spicin' up their relationship; sorta regrets it.
  • Leaves for summer vacation.

Season 8 Edit

  • Returns to JCS for 8th grade.
  • Gets a job outside of JCS, and gets permission to work there.
  • Claims her boss does inappropriate things to her.
  • Looks to America for help dodging her boss.
  • Feels bad she forced Anne and Jay to have sex last year.
  • Is forced to strip for her boss.
  • Sorta befriends Jenna.
  • Gives her help on surviving Rachel's mean behavior.
  • Pays her boss to leave her alone; he does.
  • Tries to calm Anne down when she learns of Jay's STD.
  • Is there for Anne when she learns she's pregnant.
  • Decides to give up on her old queen bee behavior; becomes nice.
  • Can't help herself when a kindergartner annoys her.
  • Is there for Anne when she goes into Labor.
  • Witnesses Anne's new baby girl; is amazed at the sight.

Season 9Edit

  • Holly K is back at JCS for grade 9.
  • She helps Anne in her depression due to having her baby.
  • Doesn't realize the stress Anne is going through.

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