1-5 ; guest appearance, 7




Gabby, Mia, Mick, Nick, Jess

First Appearance

"First Day"

Last Appearance

"The Visit"



Jamie was the girls friends from the beginning, sadly in Season 5 she had to move. Jamie was always a good friend, and she surprised them when she became "hot" in Season 4.

Season 1Edit

  • Moved into a dorm with Gabby, Mia, Julia, and Mick
  • Is fed up with Julia and her crap
  • Wanted a makeover, but only got her nails done
  • Went crazy when Holly K moved in with them
  • Tried to kick Holly K out, politely

Season 2Edit

  • Goes back to JCS for 2nd grade
  • Tries to hide from Holly K at the Halloween Party
  • Learns about Julia's plans to ruin Gabby's chances of making the team
  • Leaves for the summer, happy about going on vacation

Season 3Edit

  • Returns to JCS, happy about 3rd grade
  • Thinks she found a way to make Julia stop bullying them
  • Her and Gabby's plan fails, they feel doomed
  • Goes on the field trip, and doesn't have fun
  • Is bullied by Julia for having a horrible cell phone
  • Julia breaks her cell phone; now has a true enemy
  • Gets a new cell phone and an apology from Julia, but doesn't accept it
  • Leaves for summer vacay, not planning to tell her parents about Julia; again

Season 4Edit

  • Comes back to JCS for 4th grade
  • Plans on being a Bumble Bee for Halloween
  • Fights with Gabby about who's going to be the Bumble Bee for Halloween
  • Changes her style, and starts wearing lose fitting clothes
  • Gets in trouble because of her new "racy" outfits; continues to disobey
  • Feels too badass because of her new fashion
  • Makes it a little less revealing, but likes her new outfits
  • Finally kicks Julia out for good
  • Leaves for the summer with great plans

Season 5Edit

  • Isn't ready for her last year at JCS, she doesn't want to go to sixth grade next year
  • Gets hit in the head by Nick with a ball in Phys. Ed
  • Knows it was by mistake but has to prove the teachers it wasn't on purpose
  • Goes golfing for a school fundraiser, has trouble keeping up with everyone
  • Reveals to her friends that she's moving
  • Has to move sooner that suspected; packs up and has to go
  • Says her final goodbyes at the airport; extremely upset

Season 7Edit

  • Visits her friends at JCS, but eventually has to go back
  • Has a lot of drama during her 1-day visit to JCS