Jay was always the bad-ass type of guy. Over the seasons he changed a whole lot.



Seasons 1-present




Marcus, Carmine

First Appearance

"Valentine's Mine"



Season 1 (1st Grade)Edit

Jay was included in the opening credits, but didn't have a main plot this season.

  • Starts to hang with, Marcus as his best buddy.
  • Fools around in class with Marcus.
  • Goes to the Valentine's Day Dance, and thinks it's lame.

Season 2 (2nd Grade)Edit

  • Continued to hang with Marcus.
  • Learned Holly K, wanted him as a "boyfriend".
  • Told Holly K to her face that he doesn't really like her and that they wont be getting married.
  • Fooled around in class every day.

Season 3 (3rd Grade)Edit

  • Is jealous and feels left out, when Marcus becomes friends with Carmine.
  • Partners up with Mike, in class to make Marcus mad, but doesn't work.
  • Decides to work by himself to get good grades.
  • Lies to Marcus about having a summer cottage, and proves he's "not" lying.
  • Gets founded out and tells the truth, that it's his cousin's summer cottage.

Season 4 (4th Grade)Edit

  • Returns to JCS for 4th Grade.
  • Scares the younger students in the Haunted House.
  • Makes fun of America, for being geeky.
  • Starts his friendship with Marcus again.
  • Becomes known as the school bully.

Season 5 (5th Grade)Edit

  • Returns to JCS for 5th Grade.
  • Convinces Anne, to let him cheat on their test, and gets caught by Holly K.
  • Lies to the principal to save his and Anne's butt.
  • Thinks that Anne's lying is good, but she feels she did wrong.
  • Gets busted when Anne tells the truth to Ms. Murphy.
  • Learns Anne has the hots for him, and makes his move, this makes his buddy Marcus upset.
  • Becomes Anne's boyfriend.
  • Inspires Anne to change her style, due to his bad boy reputation.
  • Learns that him and James are half-brothers, and looks out for him.

Season 6 (6th Grade)Edit

  • Goes to FMG for 6th grade.
  • Still is Anne's boyfriend.
  • Recovers his role as school bully.
  • Gets out of the school safely when the bomb goes off.
  • Breaks up with Anne because of their different effects from the bomb threat.
  • Questions why Gabby cares that they broke up.
  • Can't stop thinking about Anne, and asks her out again.
  • Thinking that the break up was stupid Anne says yes, and they are boyfriend and girlfriend again.
  • Thinks that making out in public is cool, but Anne doesn't.
  • Agrees to stop making out in public.
  • Leaves JCS to sneak beer in, and gets drunk with Marcus, and another student.
  • Gets caught drinking beer, by his girlfriend and her friends, gets in severe trouble with Ms. Murphy.
  • Is filed with 6 weeks of summer community service, and can't go on the summer trip.

Season 7 (7th Grade)Edit

  • Starts 7th Grade, a little calmer, but the same person.
  • Thinks that Anne's real name is beautiful.
  • Helps Marcus, America, Holly K, and Mallz announce a 9/11 Memorial Assembly.
  • Cheats on Anne with a girl named Rachel, and is founded out by Holly K.
  • Anne learns about his cheating, and dumps him.
  • Jokes with Anne after the breakup, and learns he doesn't have a post-breakup friend in her.
  • Confronts Anne about the cheating, and pleads for forgiveness.
  • Takes Anne out for dinner in the JCS Cafe, and they get back together.
  • For their anniversary he convinces Anne to drink with him.
  • The next day they have a fight, but things are still good with them.
  • Starts to boo at an assembly, that was important to America.
  • Is told by Holly K that Anne wants to break up with him.
  • Stays together strong with Anne no matter what Holly K suggests.
  • Feeling sorry about wanting him and Anne to break up Holly K suggests they should have sex.
  • He and Anne have sex.

Season 8 (8th Grade)Edit

  • Returns to JCS for 8th Grade.
  • Thinks that America should hang with him and Anne.
  • Lets America hang with him and Anne, and the other cooler kids.
  • After going too far, he doesn't want America to hang with him and Anne.
  • Joins the celibacy club with Anne, promising no sex until they're married.
  • Learns he has an STD, but not from having sex with Anne, and after they joind the celibacy club.
  • Is broken up with by Anne, and is upset, and pleads to stay in the celibacy club, and doesn't.
  • Learns that Anne is pregnant with his baby.
  • Looks to Marcus for advice on getting Anne back, but he only suggests custody.
  • Doesn't know that Anne gives birth, but hopes to find out soon.