Rachel, Holly K, Lauren



First Appearance

"You Go Spreading Rumors"



Jenna is new to JCS. Coming from TMS; not having many friends she builds her friendship around Rachel who isn't quit nice to her.

Season 8 (8th Grade)Edit

  • Transfers to JCS as a new student from TMS.
  • Becomes friends with Rachel; rooms with her.
  • Makes Rachel get wrong impressions of her.
  • Doesn't know that Rachel started a rumor about her and Mr. Grey sleeping together.
  • Learns about the rumor Rachel started.
  • Gets into a catfight with Rachel about the rumor; doesn't forgive her.
  • Gets an apology from Rachel; reluctantly accepts it.
  • Has a hard time speaking publicly; Rachel doesn't like it.
  • Gets rude comments from Rachel and other girls on how she speaks in public.
  • Has advice from Holly K to ignore Rachel, and not care what she thinks.
  • Reveals she has never been to a real party before.
  • Goes to the JCS store to get party supplies when Rachel decides to throw a dorm party.
  • Doesn't know that the party is a makeout party.
  • Goes to the party to learn that it's a makeout party; she doesn't want to make out; she leaves upset.
  • Rachel apologizes to her; yet again accepts it.
  • Starts to hang with other girls for the time being; Rachel is jealous.
  • Doesn't know that Rachel posted embarrassing photos of her online out of jealousy.
  • Sees the embarrassing photos online; starts an ongoing war with Rachel.
  • Getting adivce from Ms. Murphy she doesn't know how to settle their differences.