Regular 5 Reccuring 6


Nick, Gabby, Mia, Mick, Mallz, Jamie, Hailey



First Appearance

"First Day of Fifth Grade, Part 1"

Last Appearance

"Bummer Summer"



Jessica aka "Jess", is a total tomboy. Along with her best friend Nick at her side; she makes her way through JCS, FMG, and TMS after the bomb threat.

Season 5 (5th Grade)Edit

  • Comes to JCS from another town with best friend Nick.
  • Moves into a room with Nick and new friends Gabby, Mia, and Jamie.
  • Doesn't plege the flag, because she's embarrassed of being born in Peurto Rico.
  • Is told by Nick to always Pledge the Flag; no matter where you were born.
  • Starts to panic for the standardized tests.
  • Doesn't think that Nick is a monster for throwing a ball at Jamie accidentally.
  • Ditches class with Mia to go shopping at the JCS store.
  • Gets ratted out for ditching class by Gabby and Mia.
  • Goes golfing with Nick, Gabby, Mia, and Jamie for a school fundraiser.
  • Learns that Jamie is moving away; is sad.
  • Says goodbye to Jamie, who was her new friend.
  • Leaves JCS to go to FMG for 6th grade, is upset along with everyone else.

Season 6 (6th Grade)Edit

  • Goes to FMG for 6th Grade.
  • Just rooms with Nick, but keeps intouch with Gabby, and Mia.
  • Finds Hailey cutting herself.
  • Gets Hailey help with her cutting problems.
  • Tries to set FMG's girl's room on fire because she wants to be noticed.
  • Gets caught by Gabby; forgives everyone for what she tried to do.
  • Transfers to TMS with Nick after the bomb threat.