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"First Day"

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"Freedom Of Speech"



She was the school's biggest bitch; It's a good thing that Gabby and others kicked her ass out of the room.

Season 1 (1st Grade)Edit

  • Comes to JCS for 1st Grade.
  • Rooms with Gabby, Mia, Mick, and Jamie.
  • Starts to be mean to her roommates.
  • Gabby and others are sick of her.
  • Her roommates kick her out of her room; she leaves.
  • Doesn't know where to go; she pretends she doesn't care.
  • Finally finds a room to stay.

Season 2 (2nd Grade)Edit

  • Comes back for 2nd grade, against Gabby's wishes.
  • Doesn't give her roomies a choice choice; moves into Gabby's room again.
  • Still is a big bitch and doesn't care what her roomies think of her.
  • Is almost kicked out of the room; doesn't leave.
  • Doesn't like that Gabby is trying to join the girl's basketball team.
  • Makes a scandal to get Gabby disqualified from try outs.
  • Doesn't do a good job with the scandal; gets caught by Gabby and others.
  • Is kicked off the basketball team.

Season 3 (3rd Grade)Edit

  • Yet again against Gabby and others wishes rooms with them; again.
  • Continues to be a bitch to the other girls.
  • Gabby and Jamie think they have a plan to stop her bullying.
  • There plan doesn't work, she is happy about this.
  • Thought Gabby and Jamie's plan was stupid anyway.
  • Breaks Jamie's cell phone because it's not "new".
  • Tells Jamie to get a new cell phone; makes her cry.
  • Gets in trouble with the principal; has to buy Jamie a new cell phone with her own money.
  • Doesn't attend Gabby's end of the year dorm party in her own dorm.
  • Leaves school happily.

Season 4 (4th Grade)Edit

  • Doesn't room with the girls again.
  • Changes her mind and rooms with them again.
  • Tells Gabby about sex when she doesn't know.
  • Gets kicked out of her room; again.
  • Doesn't care tries to find another room; is happy.