Gabby, Mia, Mick, Mallz

First Appearance

"First Day of Seventh Grade"



Lauren is a good girl who tries to fight in. She first is seen in Season 7 and is a regular. She is friends with Gabby, Mia, Mick, and Mallz. She is roomies with them

Season 7 (7th Grade)Edit

  • Comes to JCS very weird and confuses Gabby, Mia, and Mick her new roommates.
  • Gets questioned by Gabby and Mallz, and scares them aware by her fake piercings and fake bad ass past.
  • Is sick of Mia not liking her, and having a horrible attitude.
  • Decides to mess with Mia to get on her nerves.
  • Pulls Mia's pants down in public, and gets into a catfight with her.
  • Goes back to her old self, after she learns her roommies aren't fooled.
  • Apologizes to Mia, who accepts it.
  • Plays truth or dare, and kisses Carmine.
  • Is asked out by Marcus, and needs time to think; eventually says yes.
  • Doesn't know that Marcus cheated, and takes her relationship to the next level.
  • Thinks Gabby is lying when she tells her that Marcus cheated.
  • Learns that Marcus actually cheated; but doesn't breakup with him because she doesn't want drama.
  • Can't remember her lines for the play, and look to Gabby for help, when Marcus doesn't give it to her.
  • Does the play happily, and great, and gets an encore.
  • Gets abused by Marcus, and gets date raped.
  • Tries to help herself with the remedy of summer forgetfulness.

Season 8Edit

  • Comes back to school hoping Marcus would leave her alone.
  • Tells Mick and Mallz about Marcus abusing her.
  • Tries to go to guidance about the relationship abuse, but feels Marcus is watching her.
  • Continues to get hurt by Marcus, and is humiliated by him.
  • Cuts herself to make the pain go away; and is found by Gabby and Mia.
  • Tells her roomies that Marcus raped her, and abused her and they go get the principal.
  • Watched Marcus get sent to a school to make him act better.
  • Thinks Mallz is spending too much time with Raphael.
  • Shares that her cousin had a eating disorder and they helped her through it, when she learned Mick is a bullimic anorexic.
  • Made an eating chart for Mick, that would help her know what kinds of foods she can eat.
  • When Marcus comes back; she thinks he has changed.
  • Keeps her eyes on Marcus.
  • Cheers Mallz up after the shooting.
  • Doesn't know what to do when Marcus wants to be friends again.
  • Stays as mutual friends with Marcus.

Season 9Edit

  • Returns for 9th grade, at JCS.
  • Becomes the substitute teacher's assistant
  • Kids start to call her a nerdy teacher's pet.
  • Doesn't know how to make them stop.