James, Andrew, Carmine, Marcus, Jay, Gabby, Mia, Mick, Jamie

First Appearance

"First Day"



Michael or better known as "MIKE" has been there for it all. He is Gabby's younger brother, even though he is a grade younger, he still sort of participates in most drama.

Season 1Edit

  • Goes to JCS for kindergarten while his sister Gabby is in 1st grade.
  • Is upset when his friend Carmine becomes friends with Marcus.
  • He wants them all to be friends; Marcus gets made and punches him.
  • He goes to the nurse, Gabby is there to give him advice. He starts to be friendly with James and Andrew.
  • Gets in trouble for "cheating" on homework with Andrew and James.

Season 2Edit

  • Remains friends with James and Andrew for 1st grade.
  • Roots for Andrew and his problems with basketball.
  • Feels the year has gone by super fast.

Season 3Edit

  • Faces the new 2nd grade curriculum with Andrew.
  • Mike and James quickly become badminton partners so they don't have to face Marcus or Carmine.
  • Gets sort of sick and doesn't go on the field trip.
  • Is confused that Carmine is talking to Raphael.
  • Leaves for a good summer; hopefully.

Season 4Edit

  • For 3rd grade he is still best friends with James, and Andrew, and is excluding Carmine.
  • Feels Gabby is too allergic for her new class.
  • Doesn't make the cuts for the basketball team; is sort of upset.
  • Gets a teacher to break up a fight between Andrew and James and a football.
  • Doesn't think it's right for someone to make fun of America because she's nerdy.
  • Thinks Marcus is too young to begin dating someone.

Season 5Edit

  • Is happy that he is only in 4th grade, and it isn't his last year at JCS unlike Gabby's.
  • Becomes worried when Andrew becomes addicted to Redbull™.
  • Helps Andrew with his "addiction".
  • Is happy he doesn't associate with Marcus due to his aggressiveness.
  • Is happy that it's summer time and that it's time for vacation.

Season 6Edit

  • Mike is finally in 5th grade at JCS, he feels weird that his sister is gone.
  • Was super nervous when he heard about the bomb threat at FMG.
  • Hosts the school talent show with America; gets lots of stage fright.
  • Is paired up with Carmine and Marcus in social studies.
  • Tries to devise a plan with Carmine to get Marcus out of the group.
  • Is happy he doesn't have to go on the the summer field trip.

Season 7Edit

  • Comes back to JCS for 6th grade, happy he doesn't have to leave.
  • Doesn't understand why Raphael is becoming friends with all of his friends.
  • Witnesses Carmine kiss Lauren with James.
  • Confronts Carmine about it; and learns it was truth or dare.
  • Warns Gabby about Marcus, and his ways.
  • He feels that James is too immature; they try too make him cooler, they give up.
  • Along with Andrew he has to stay after class, do to a bad test result.
  • Mr. Grey keeps getting nastier to him and Andrew, they eventually get him sent to a teacher workshop, due to his bullying.
  • Says goodbye to 6th grade, and hello summer.

Season 8Edit

  • Is finally happy to be an 7th grader, at JCS; but has to say goodbye to Andrew.
  • Him and Gabby want to send their parents a perfect Christmas Gift.
  • Spends his and James's money, to pay for the gift, has to get repaid by his sister.
  • Feels Gabby is being too judging and won't let him be.
  • He freaks on Gabby; but they forgive each other.
  • Along with James he tells Carmine he is too girl crazy.
  • Says goodbye to Gabby when she leaves for her "character better" trip.
  • Sneaks out of school with Carmine and James to see a popular movie.
  • Gets caught at the movies and are sent back to JCS.
  • Is happy to see his sister come back from the trip.
  • He and Carmine face James joining the cool crowd; until James learns they were using him; he crawling back.
  • Plays too many games on the computer and starts failing math.
  • Leaves for Summer Break; really not ready to be an 8th grader next year.