Regular 5 Recurring 6


Jess, Gabby, Mia, Jamie, Mick, Mallz, Hailey



First Appearance

"First Day of Fifth Grade, Part 1"

Last Appearance

"Bummer Summer"



Nick who's real name is Nicole, is almost a tomboy, thanks to her best friend Jess. Supposedly she transferred to TMS with Jess after 6th grade.

Season 5 (5th Grade)Edit

  • Comes to JCS, with her best friend Jess.
  • Becomes roomies with Jess, Gabby, Mia, and Jamie; they all become friends.
  • Convinces Jess that she's American.
  • Tells Jess that she should Pledge The Flag out of respect.
  • Stresses over the school's standardize tests.
  • Throws a ball at Jamie in P.E. by mistake.
  • People think she has anger issues; has to go to guidance.
  • Along with Gabby; she rats Mia and Jess out for sneaking out of class to go shopping.
  • Goes golfing with Jess, Mia, Gabby, and Jamie for a school fundraiser.
  • Learns Jamie is moving; is upset.
  • Says goodbye to Jamie; despite meeting this year.
  • Says goodbye to JCS; sadly.

Season 6 (6th Grade)Edit

  • Goes to FMG for school; rooms with just Jess.
  • Stays friendly with Gabby, Mia, and Hailey.
  • Walks in on Hailey cutting herself; gets her help.
  • Doesn't understand why Jess would try to light the bathroom on fire.
  • After the bomb, she along with Jess gets transferred to TMS.