This season the cast is in first grade and kindergarten.



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First Day

Gabby starts first grade at JCS and crushes on Raphael, Mia and Jamie force her to say ‘hi’.

Jan 4th, 2002

The N™ ;)


Valentine’s Mine

Gabby wants to go to the Valentine’s Dance with Raphael, Holly K. asks him first.

Jan 11th, 2002

The N™ ;)


Goodbye and Good Riddens?

Julia moves out of the room.

Jan 18th, 2002

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Rough and Tough (1)

Marcus and Carmine become friendly until they get into a fistfight and end up punching Mike, James, and Andrew stay out of it.

Jan 25th, 2002

The N™ ;)


Rough and Tough (2)

Mike recovers from a few days of rest, Gabby and Mick learn how sweat is produced.

Feb 1st, 2002

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Makeup Overload

Gabby and Mia give Jamie a makeover, Mrs. Murphy tells them to get rid of the makeup.

Feb 8th, 2002

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Hour By Hour (1)

Anne breaks her leg in the hallway and goes to the hospital.

Feb 15th, 2002

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Hour By Hour (2)

Anne’s parents make her go to a boarding school, Holly K. moves in with Gabby and others.

Feb 15th, 2002

The N™ ;)


Holly K. Go Away

Raphael writes bad things in the boy’s bathroom, Mike, James, Andrew cheat off each other, Gabby, Mia, Mick, and Jamie are sick of Holly K.

April 5th, 2002

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Main CharactersEdit

  • Gabby- 1st grade
  • Mia- 1st grade
  • Mick- 1st grade
  • Jamie- 1st grade
  • Julia- 1st grade
  • Mike- kindergarten
  • James- kindergarten
  • Andrew- kindergarten
  • Holly K.- 1st grade
  • Anne- 1st grade
  • Raphael- 1st grade
  • Carmine - kindergarten
  • Marcus- 1st grade

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Jay- 1st grade
  • Mrs. Murphy- Principal of JCS