This season the characters are in 2nd grade and in 1st grade.


  • Holly K. Wants To Marry Jay- Holly K. falls in love with Jay, Jay tells her to back off.
  • Fighting and Lighting Part 1- Raphael and Jacob get into a fight, Gabby makes the basketball team and Julia doesn't.
  • Fighting and Lighting Part 2- Raphael and Jacob make up, Julia's plans to get Gabby kicked off the team.
  • Basketball,Baseball,Soccer, Hockey- Gabby and Mia get rejected when they want to play baseball with the guys, Jacob goes missing.
  • Last Day of Second Grade- Everyone packs their bags and goes and celebrates summer!



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First Day of Second Grade

Gabby and others start second grade, Marcus and Jay become friends which might not be good. 2003

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Pumpkin Bash Smash Gabby, Mia, and Jamie hide from Holly K. at the Halloween Pumpking Smashing Party. 2003

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Please Don't Transfer Gabby doesn't want Mia to transfer when Mia tells she might have to, Andrew has to choose between two sports. 2003

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Holly K. Wants To Marry Jay

Holly K. starts falling for Jay, but when he tells her off she may think her childish crush is put to an end.


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Fighting and Lighting (1)


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Makeup Overload

Gabby and Mia give Jamie a makeover, Mrs. Murphy tells them to get rid of the makeup.


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Hour By Hour (1)

Anne breaks her leg in the hallway and goes to the hospital.


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Hour By Hour (2)

Anne’s parents make her go to a boarding school, Holly K. moves in with Gabby and others.


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Main CharactersEdit

  • Gabby- 2nd grade
  • Mia- 2nd grade
  • Jamie- 2nd grade
  • Julia- 2nd grade
  • Mike- 1st grade
  • James- 1st grade
  • Raphael- 2nd grade
  • Jacob- 2nd grade
  • Jay- 2nd grade
  • Holly K.- 2nd grade
  • Carmine- 1st grade
  • Andrew- 1st grade
  • Marcus- 2nd grade

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Mick- 2nd grade
  • Mrs. Murphy- Principal of JCS

New CharactersEdit

  • Jacob- 2nd grade