This season the characters are in 2nd and 3rd grade.


  • First Day of Third Grade Part 1- Gabby and others come back to JCS for third grade, Jacob transfers, Mia is having a debate to go to TMS, Gabby prank calls Mia.
  • First Day of Third Grade Part 2- Gabby gets found by Mrs. Murphy thanks to Mia, Mike and Andrew face new difficult work.
  • Holly K. Misses Ann-nay- Gabby and Jamie find a new way to make Julia stop bullying them, Holly K. misses her friend Anne.
  • Old Friends and New Friends- Anne comes back to JCS which makes Holly K. happy, New girl America comes to school, Carmine and Marcus become badminton partners.
  • Field Trip- Everyone goes on a class trip to Washington D.C, lots of mayhem happens on the bus.
  • Grades and Fidelity Part 1- America gets picked on because she is smart, Raphael and Carmine start a club, Julia breaks Jamie's cell phone.
  • Grades and Fidelity Part 2- Raphael and Carmine's club comes to an end, Mrs. Murphy makes Julia buy Jamie a new phone.
  • Breaking Glass- James is upset when he finds out that his parents are getting a divorce, Gabby throws an end of the year party.
  • Graduation (sort of)- Everyone goes to the 5th grade graduation and pack their bags and get ready for summer.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Gabby- 3rd grade
  • Mia- 3rd grade
  • Jamie- 3rd grade
  • Julia- 3rd grade
  • Mike- 2nd grade
  • James- 2nd grade
  • Raphael- 3rd grade
  • Holly K.- 3rd grade
  • Anne- 3rd grade
  • America- 3rd grade
  • Andrew- 2nd grade
  • Marcus- 3rd grade
  • Carmine- 2nd grade
  • Jay- 3rd grade

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Mick- 3rd grade
  • Mrs. Murphy- Principal of JCS

New CharactersEdit

  • Anne- is back for her 3rd grade year.
  • America- super smart and ready for 3rd grade.