This season the characters are in 3rd and 4th grade.


  • First Day of Fourth Grade- Gaby and everyone return for fourth grade, Raphael is excited to see his friend Jacob returning, Andrew, Mike, and James don't want to go to class.
  • Trick or Treat Smell My Feet- Jay thinks that school's Haunted House will be crappy, Gabby and Jamie have a fight over being the bumble bee, The Haunted House was scary.
  • Fresh Air- Gabby gets allergic to pollen in her new outdoors class, Mia and Holly K. get into a food fight at lunch.
  • 'Style Goes For Miles-' Carmine is happy to make the basketball team, Jamie gets a makeover and becomes a "sexy slut".
  • Hotness and Reproduction- Gabby is upset when Julia tells her about sex, America and Anne become friends, Mrs. Murphy tells Jamie to wear less revealing things.
  • Burning In The Flames- Raphael shares a secret to everybody, Andrew and James get into a fight with a football Mike breaks it up.
  • Calling All Freaks- America helps run a fundraiser for starving kids in Africa, Holly K. and Gabby realize that they like the same music group.
  • Breakups and Makeups- Marcus asks Anne out and she says yes, Raphael and Jacob fight, But become friends again.
  • Freedom of Speech- Julia gets kicked out of the room, Julia is happy about this she is tired of these people.
  • Singing In The Rain- Raphael likes Holly K., Jacob tells people to tell Holly K. that Raphael likes her and wants to go out with her, she rejects.
  • Recovery- Raphael realizes Holly K. is mean, Everyone packs and leaves for summer.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Gabby- 4th grade
  • Mia- 4th grade
  • Jamie- 4th grade
  • James- 3rd grade
  • America- 4th grade
  • Mike- 3rd grade
  • Andrew- 3rd grade
  • Carmine- 3rd grade
  • Raphael- 4th grade
  • Julia- 4th grade
  • Marcus- 4th grade
  • Anne- 4th grade
  • Jay-4th grade
  • Holly K.- 4th grade
  • Jacob- 4th grade


  • Mrs. Murphy- Principal of JCS
  • Julia- appears only a few times but is in the opening.

New CharactersEdit

  • Jacob- returns to JCS for 4th grade.