This season the characters are 4th and 5th graders. Note: the 5th graders will be going to FMG next season but the 4th graders will still be at 5th graders at JCS.


  • First Day of Fifth Grade Part 1- Gabby and others return for fifth grade with two new girls in their room Jess and Nick, Gabby and Mia don't really like them at first but do in the end.
  • First Day of Fifth Grade Part 2- Mike, Andrew, Carmine, and James try to stay away from Marcus, Raphael and Jacob are happy to see each other, America doesn't like that she has to share a room with Holly K.
  • Proud To Be An American- Jess doesn't like sharing that she isn't really American, Mia and Nick convince her wrong, Gabby and James test the new lunch foods.
  • The Test- It's the yearly standardize tests and kids are panicking , Gabby and Mia give their class helpful tips.
  • Sickness Sucks- Mike becomes worried when Andrew gets addicted to Red Bull™, Nick goes to guidance after she threw a ball at Jamie in Physical Education.
  • Honesty Is The Best Policy Part 1- Anne and Jay get caught cheating on a test by Holly K.,Carmine sticks up for Raphael when he gets bullied by Marcus.
  • Honesty Is The Best Policy Part 2- Holly K. forces Anne to tell the teacher and Anne does, Carmine tells Raphael to stop being obsessed with him.
  • Tears of What?- Anne breaks up with Marcus to be with Jay, Mia and Jess ditch class to go to the mall, Gabby and Nick rat them out.
  • A Mesh Of A Mess- America gets pissed at James and Andrew when they make fun of her, Gabby, Mia, and Jamie go shopping for next years clothing.
  • Touch of Gothic- Anne feels like her style is to kiddy for Jay so she makes herself a little more older looking, Gabby, Mia, Jamie, Nick, and Jess go golfing for a school fundraiser.
  • Pouring Down My Face- Gabby, Mia, Jess, and Nick find out that Jamie is moving they are very crushed, Jay and James find out that they are brothers.
  • End Of A Beginning- It's everybody's last day at JCS and they have a graduation ceremony. (a flash back show looking at the last 5 years.)

Main CharactersEdit

  • Gabby- 5th grade
  • Mia- 5th grade
  • Jamie- 5th grade
  • Nick- 5th grade
  • Jess- 5th grade
  • Raphael- 5th grade
  • James- 4th grade
  • Mike- 4th grade
  • Anne- 5th grade
  • America-5th grade
  • Andrew-4th grade
  • Carmine-4th grade
  • Marcus- 5th grade
  • Jay- 5th grade
  • Holly K.- 5th grade
  • Jacob- 5th grade

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Mrs. Murphy- Principal of JCS.

New CharactersEdit

  • Nicole "Nick"- new at JCS.
  • Jessica "Jess"- new at JCS.