This season is yet to air.....In May 2010!!!! No episode reveals...But, character reveals!!!!! and Episode titles!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

This season there are 8th and 7th graders!


  • First Day of Eighth Grade (1) Everyone starts 8th grade, Jacob and Andrew enter a School On Board Contest.
  • First Day of Eighth Grade (2) Jacob and Andrew win and leave for the boat, Gabby learns about a "character better" trip.
  • Working Your Way Into School Mia might have to leave JCS because she can't afford it, America tries to be "cool".
  • You Go Spreading Rumors Rachel starts to spread rumors about Jenna, Gabby and Mike pick out a Christmas Gift for their family.
  • Giddy Up! Holly K hates her new job especially her boss who does things to her, Lauren gets abused by Marcus.
  • What's The Hold Up? Gabby, Mia, and Mallz think that Mick has an eating disorder, Rachel and Jenna forgive each other.
  • It's Not Cool To Fit In America wants to fit in and starts to hang with the "cool" kids, Mallz crushes on Raphael.
  • Leave Me To Be Gabby is being to attached to Mike and wont leave him to be, James tries to be less funny and more serious.
  • Bruising of The Heart Lauren is sick of Marcus always beating on her as she begins to cut herself, Anne and Jay join the celibacy club.
  • Friends+Fighting=Fun! Rachel and Jenna have problems with their friendship like when Jenna speaks publicly, Raphael joins the Environmental Club.
  • It Goes There Holly K's boss wants her to strip for his own pleasure, Mia finally finishes paying off the money owed to JCS.
  • Crazy For Love Carmine is searching for the perfect girlfriend with out getting too crazy, Gabby leaves for her "character better" trip.
  • What Is It Bulimia or Anorexia?
  • Spinning All Around Me Part (1)
  • Spinning All Around Me Part (2)
  • Coming Back To You Babe
  • Tell Me Lies Tell Me Sweet Party Lies
  • Why Do You Keep Me Hanging On? (1)
  • Why Do You Keep Me Hanging On? (2)
  • Fallin' For You
  • Belly Bumps
  • Give Me A Little of Your Time
  • Do You Really Think We're Friends? (1)
  • Do You Really Think We're Friends? (2)
  • Give Me A F-A-I-L-U-R-E
  • Love Me Tender (season finale, 2-hour movie)

Main CharactersEdit

8th graders-

  • Gabby
  • Mia
  • Mallz
  • Mick
  • Lauren
  • Jenna
  • Rachel
  • Holly K.
  • Anne
  • America
  • Jay
  • Marcus
  • Raphael
  • Jacob

7th graders-

  • Mike
  • James
  • Carmine


  • Mrs. Murphy

Guest Appearances-

  • Jacob - First Day of Eighth Grade Part 1, First Day of Eighth Grade Part 2
  • Andrew - First Day of Eighth Grade Part 1, First Day of Eighth Grade Part 2

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